We take a trip to Maranello to visit the epic Ferrari Clienti collection, home to some of the fastest and most desirable racecars in the world.
Ferrari F430 almost crashed during drive test in Maranello
Literally drove it into the ground after not making a payment in 3 years, then called bank to come get it when it was no longer usable. Well, If you are not going to pay for it you might as well drive it till the wheels fall off… Unfortunately that is the story behind this repossessed Rolls Royce is in need of some serious TLC. Problem is it may be too far gone to save. I would part it out, would you fix it or scrap it? At the very least it needs an engine rebuild, missing suspension components all [More]
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Pour reprendre une expression pas très classe mais “fichtrement” de rigueur, ce conducteur a une chance de cocu… On va quand même commencer par avouer qu’il est totalement inconscient…et ça aurait pu lui coûter la vie…mais pas que la sienne ! Le conducteur de ce Cayenne blanc est visiblement très pressé soit il surestime beaucoup les capacités de son véhicule… Il décide de doubler la Citroën devant lui et va se retrouver sur la file de véhicules en sens inverse. Une Skoda arrive en face et l’accident semble inévitable… Mais aussi incroyable que cela puisse paraître, le Cayenne va réussir [More]
Pro Stock Race at Houston Motorsports Park 5/28/11
Motorvision enters the time machine and shows some of the most remarkable steam cars from the beginning of the 20th century.
car cars auto speed race “car 2015” “car 2016” “the car” “fast car” “crash car”
car cars auto speed race “car 2015” “car 2016” “the car” “fast car” “crash car”
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“2014”61th Macau Grand Prix Super Car Race 第六十一屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車 澳門GT盃 2014年 第61回マカオグランプリ スーパーカーレース